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Fig. 2

From: An Inhibitor of Macrophage Arginine Transport and Nitric Oxide Production (CNI-1493) Prevents Acute Inflammation and Endotoxin Lethality

Fig. 2

Arginine transport is increased in activated RAW 264.7 cellsa

RAW cells were plated and activated with LPS and IFNγ at t = 0; and, at the times indicated, after addition of stimulating agents, the cells were washed, then incubated with L-[2,3-3H]-arginine (1 µCi/ml, 69 Ci/mg, 0.025 µl/well) with carrier L-arginine (100 µM) at 37°C. Data shown are the intracellular accumulation of label during the first 5 min after addition of tracer.

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