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Fig. 4

From: An Inhibitor of Macrophage Arginine Transport and Nitric Oxide Production (CNI-1493) Prevents Acute Inflammation and Endotoxin Lethality

Fig. 4

CNI-1493 inhibits cytokine-inducible L-arginine transport in activated RAW cellsa

In this postactivation experiment, CNI-1493 was added to cells that had been stimulated 8 hr previously. The control, unstimulated macrophages have low levels of basal L-arginine uptake (filled circles), whereas activation with LPS and IFNγ stimulates L-arginine uptake (open triangles). CNI-1493 caused a dose-dependent inhibition of the cytokine-inducible component of L-arginine uptake. Data shown are L-arginine uptake expressed in nmol/hr/106 cells (mean ± SEM, n = 3 experiments).

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