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Fig. 5

From: Nramp Transfection Transfers Ity/Lsh/Bcg-Related Pleiotropic Effects on Macrophage Activation: Influence on Oxidative Burst and Nitric Oxide Pathways

Fig. 5

L-Arginine uptake is inhibited by agents that suppress the production of radicals

Resting or LPS/IFNγ-treated resistant (b and d) and susceptible (a and c) transfectants were pretreated with the radical scavenger BHA (a and b) or the mitochondrial electron transport inhibitor rotenone (c and d) at the doses indicated. Inhibitor was added 1 hr after plating and prior to the addition of media alone or that containing LPS (25 ng/ml) + IFNγ (25 U/ml). As before, enhanced stimulated L-arginine flux was observed in resistant versus susceptible macrophages. Treatment with BHA (NDHGA data not shown, but similar effects) or rotenone caused a dose-dependent decrease in the uptake of L-arginine in both resting (filled) and activated (open) cells.

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