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Fig. 1

From: Cell Type-Dependent Modulation of the Dominant Negative Action of Human Mutant Thyroid Hormone β1 Receptors

Fig. 1

Transactivation activities of WT h-TR β 1 on the Lys-, ME- and GH-TREs in (A) HeLa cells and (B) NIH3T3 cells

Transfections were performed with 1 µg of pSV2 WT h-TRβ1 and 5 µg of TK-TRE-CAT reporter plasmid/plate, followed 24 hr later by treatment of the cells with the appropriate T3 concentrations. The results are expressed as percentage of absolute CAT conversion at 0, 10, and 100 nM T3. The γ-axis was drawn to the same scale to emphasize the differences in transactivation between the two cell types. Results of two experiments, each with duplicate plates per receptor/T3 concentration, were expressed as means ± SEM. Basal values at 0 nM T3 in 3T3 cells were normalized to that obtained in HeLa cells, to allow comparison between two cell types.

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