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Fig. 6

From: Cell Type-Dependent Modulation of the Dominant Negative Action of Human Mutant Thyroid Hormone β1 Receptors

Fig. 6

Gel mobility shift analyses using nuclear extracts from HeLa cells and NIH3T3 cells with WT h-TR β 1 on the (A) Lys- and (B) ME-TREs

An equal amount of in vitro translated receptor was incubated with labeled Lys-TRE and 5.0 µg of HeLa or 3T3 nuclear extract and electrophoresed. Exposure of the dried gels was kept constant between experiments at 14 hr. The 3T3 section in Panel A was exposed for 2.5 days in order to bring out the heterodimer and homodimer bands. Note that a nonspecific band (NS) runs just above the homodimer band in the panel with HeLa nuclear extract and is not competed away by specific competitor. () The lower band in Lane 5 likely represents a faster migrating heterodimer band competed away by specific competitor (Lane 6), and overlaps a nonspecific band. Note that in Panels A and B, all lanes represent each of two separate gels, respectively.

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