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Fig. 7

From: Cell Type-Dependent Modulation of the Dominant Negative Action of Human Mutant Thyroid Hormone β1 Receptors

Fig. 7

Gel mobility analyses using nuclear extracts from HeLa cells and NIH3T3 cells with mutant receptor OK on the (A) Lys- and (B) ME-TREs

Experimental conditions were identical to those for Fig. 6. In this case, however, both gels were exposed for 14 hr. There is a nonspecific band (NS) that runs just a little above the homodimer band in the panel with HeLa nuclear extract and again, as in Fig. 6A, is not competed away by specific competitor. () The lower band in Lane 5 likely represents a faster migrating heterodimer band competed away by specific competitor (Lane 6) and overlaps a nonspecific band. As in Fig. 6, the Panels A and B each represent a gel, respectively.

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