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Fig. 8

From: Cell Type-Dependent Modulation of the Dominant Negative Action of Human Mutant Thyroid Hormone β1 Receptors

Fig. 8

Expression of WT h-TR β 1 in HeLa (1 a and b, 2 a and b) and NIH3T3 (3 a and b, 4 a and b) cells

Immunocytochemistry with a monoclonal antibody recognizing the amino terminus of the WT h-TRβ1 was performed after transfecting cells. Plates were transfected with either 2.0 µg of pSV2-WT h-TRβ1 (1 a and b, 3 a and b) or 2.0 µg of empty pSV2 vector (2 a and b, 4 a and b). 1a–4a. Fluorescence micrographs; 1b–4b, the corresponding phase contrast micrographs (magnification: 763×).

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