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Dear Readers,

Now that the new and burgeoning field of molecular medicine has its own journal we feel that the time has come that it had its own Society. During the last 20 years, the recombinant DNA revolution has led to a union of thought and of techniques, and to a dramatic increase in the molecular understanding of disease. These developments have led to the emergence of a new field that combines molecular and structural biology, biochemistry and immunology in the study of human illness. This new discipline, called “molecular medicine”, uses molecular techniques to determine how bodily functions are controlled in health and disease. The ability to manipulate these functions at the molecular level will enable us to rationally develop new and more powerful diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic tools.

The common language spoken by researchers in molecular medicine should increase communication among all scientists involved, and Molecular Medicine is providing just such a forum. However, this is not enough! Working with Molecular Medicine’s Board of Consulting Editors, we have assembled a remarkable group of charter officers for a Molecular Medicine Society. This organization will serve as an advocate for this new and exciting field, and for the important function of convening an annual meeting. Unconstrained communication among practitioners of molecular medicine will allow disciplines that have traditionally been segregated to gather together to share scientific information, thereby enriching us all.

The Molecular Medicine Society will be divided into Fellows and Members, the former with over 8 years in research and a significant bibliography, the latter, any scientist with an interest in molecular medicine. The annual dues (see postcard appended) cover the right to vote for officers and issues, discounted registration and room rates at the annual meetings, and a subscription to Molecular Medicine.


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