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Fig. 2

From: Odorant Receptors and Desensitization Proteins Colocalize in Mammalian Sperm

Fig. 2

Identification of putative odorant receptors, GRK3, and β-arrestin2 in mammalian sperm by Western blotting

(A) Anti-odorant receptor antibody OD1 (1:500) detects specific bands of approximately 52 kD in olfactory cilia and 64 kD in testis and rat sperm membranes. Crude membranes prepared from kidney, heart, ovary, lung, and brain are negative. (B) Anti-odorant receptor antibody OD2 (1:500) recognizes a specific 64-kD band in olfactory cilia, testis, and rat, hamster, and human sperm. Kidney, heart, ovary, lung, and brain are negative. (C) Affinity-purified fusion protein antibodies to GRK3 (1:100) and β-arrestin2 (1:100) detect 77-kD and 45-kD bands, respectively, in rat sperm cytosolic extracts.

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