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Fig. 1

From: Regulation of Transcription Functions of the p53 Tumor Suppressor by the mdm-2 Oncogene

Fig. 1

Diagram of mdm-2 deletion mutants used in this study

The top diagram shows the structural features of the mdm-2 polypeptide. The thick solid lines represent the polypeptide regions encoded by the mdm-2 deletion mutants. The thin lines indicate internal regions of the protein that are deleted. The ability of these mutants to bind to p53 in vitro have been determined previously. Major motifs of mdm-2 include: p53 binding domain—19–102; nuclear localization (NLS)—181–185; acidic region—220–296; zinc-fingers (Zn)—305–322, 438–457 and 461–478.

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