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Fig. 5

From: Regulation of Transcription Functions of the p53 Tumor Suppressor by the mdm-2 Oncogene

Fig. 5

Mdm-2 inhibits mutant p53 activation of MDR promoter

Five micrograms of pMDR-CAT is cotransfected with indicated amounts of mutant p53 expression plasmids and 10 µg of wild-type or mutant mdm-2 expression plasmids. The activation of MDR promoter is quantitated by CAT assays. Each point is the average of two experiments. The results for mutant Δ222–437 is from a single experiment. The activation of MDR promoter by both p53 mutants 175H and 281G are suppressed by mdm-2. Mutant mdm-2 defective in binding to p33 does not affect the transactivation significantly.

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