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Fig. 6

From: Regulation of Transcription Functions of the p53 Tumor Suppressor by the mdm-2 Oncogene

Fig. 6

Relief of p53-mediated transcription repression by mdm-2

One microgram of pRSV-CAT or 10 µg of pSTi-CAT are cotransfected into SAOS-2 cells with the indicated amounts of p53 expression vector pC53-SN3. Each transfection also contained 5 µg of mdm-2 expression plasmid or vector alone. The CAT activities in transfections with no p53 are set as 100%. Each point is the average of two assays. Mutants Δ1–50 and Δ59–89 are defective for p53 binding and behaved similar to vector. Wild-type mdm-2, mutants Δ440–491 and Δ222–437 are competent in p53 binding and partially relieved suppression by p53.

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