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Fig. 2

From: Differential Expression of Human Tissue Factor in Normal Mammary Epithelial Cells and in Carcinomas

Fig. 2

A Northern hybridization result using tissue factor cDNA as probe

(A) Total RNA samples (10 µg) in each lane are: (1) 70N; (2) 76N; (3) 1436N; (4) MCF-10A; (5) MDA-MB-361; (6) MCF-7; (7) BT474; (8) ZR-75-1; (9) T47D; (10) 21PT; (11) 21MT; (12) MDA-MB-435; (13) MDA-MB-436; (14) MDA-MB-468; (15) SK-BR-3; and (16) BT549. Tissue factor transcript is shown in the top panel. The bottom panel shows 36B4 as a loading control. (B) Total RNA samples (4 µg) in Lane 1 was prepared from normal 76N cells and Lane 2 from senescent 76N cells.

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