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Fig. 6

From: Hypoxic Induction of Endothelial Cell Growth Factors in Retinal Cells: Identification and Characterization of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) as the Mitogen

Fig. 6

Role of VEGF as a hypoxia-inducible mitogen

All results expressed as the mean cell number of triplicate wells ± SD. Note y-axis does not originate at zero. (a) flt-1/Fc and CD4/Fc soluble receptors (in ng/ml) were tested for the ability to neutralize VEGF (2 ng/ml) stimulated endothelial cell proliferation. (b) Growth of endothelial cells in conditioned media from normoxia and hypoxia cultured hRPE, and in conditioned media plus flt-1 /Fc or CD4/Fc soluble receptors (200 ng/ml). (c) Soluble receptor (200 ng/ml) effects on VEGF (2 ng/ml) and bFGF (1 ng/ml) stimulated growth of endothelial cells.

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