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Fig. 1

From: Genomic Organization and Sequence of the Human NRAMP Gene: Identification and Mapping of a Promoter Region Polymorphism

Fig. 1

Clustal V multiple sequence alignment for the deduced amino acid sequence for human NRAMP, murine Nramp clone λ 8.1 (3), and the yeast mitochondrial proteins SMF1 and SMF2 (18).

Residues showing 3/4 or 4/4 identities across the four proteins are shown in bold. For the NRAMP sequence: exon boundaries are indicated above the sequence; (PKC) consensus sites (S/T-X-R/K) for protein kinase C phosphorylation; (= = =) consensus sites for N-linked glycosylation; and putative membrane spanning domains (after Ref. 1) are overlined and numbered on the sequence. (*) cysteine residues conserved across all four proteins; (·) conserved substitutions.

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