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Fig. 3

From: Genomic Organization and Sequence of the Human NRAMP Gene: Identification and Mapping of a Promoter Region Polymorphism

Fig. 3

440 bp of putative promoter region human NRAMP sequence 5′ of the transcription start site

The transcription start site is located 148 bp 5′ of the ATG initiation codon, as indicated. Putative promoter region elements identified by inspection (indicated above the sequence) include a possible Z-DNA forming dinucleotide repeat t(gt)5ac(gt)5ac(gt)9g; 6 interferon-γ response elements; three W-elements; one AP1 site; three NFκB binding sites; and nine purine-rich GGAA core motifs (two on the antisense strand) for the myeloid-specific PU.1 transcription factor, two of which combine with imperfect AP1-like sites to create PEA-3 consensus motifs. Strings of heat shock transcription factor (HSTF) motifs (NGAAN or NTTCN) also occur across the 440 bp sequence (not marked).

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