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Fig. 2

From: Normal and Expanded Huntington’s Disease Gene Alleles Produce Distinguishable Proteins Due to Translation Across the CAG Repeat

Fig. 2

Inheritance of HD and normal huntingtin in a sibship previously reported to contain HD homozygotes

A Western blot of lymphoblast protein extracts from members of a sibship from the Venezuelan HD pedigree in which both parents are affected by HD (22) (filled symbols) was probed with a 1:10,000 dilution of HF1. Birth order and the sex of the parents and progeny have been disguised for confidentiality. The estimated number of CAG repeat units, (CAG)n, is given above each lane. Protein extracts from both parents were found to exhibit both normal and HD huntingtin bands in separate Western blot experiments but only the genotyping is given here for one of the parents. The position of the 200-kD marker (myosin) is shown, and the positions of normal and HD huntingtin at 350 kD are indicated by the square bracket.

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