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Fig. 2

From: Thalidomide Treatment Reduces Tumor Necrosis Factor α Production and Enhances Weight Gain in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Fig. 2

The effect of thalidomide treatment on TNFα production in vitro

TNFα levels were evaluated by ELISA in the supernatants of PBMCs obtained from 12 HIV-1 and 10 HIV-1+ patients treated with MDT and 300 mg/day of thalidomide (left) and eight patients (5 HIV-1) treated with MDT and placebo (right). PBMCs obtained before (Pre) on Day 7 of treatment (Mid) and 5 days after (Post) the first cycle of treatment were stimulated with LPS and culture supernatants were collected for assay. Results are means ± one SEM for samples obtained from all patients tested. TNFα levels were significantly lower during treatment with thalidomide relative to levels before (p = 0.001) or after (p = 0.002) thalidomide.

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