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Fig. 1

From: LPS and Taxol Activate Lyn Kinase Autophosphorylation in Lpsn, but Not in Lpsd, Macrophages

Fig. 1

Activation of p56 (top band) and p53 (bottom band) lyn kinase autophosphorylation by LPS

C3H/OuJ (Lpsn) macrophages were treated with medium only (resting cell kinase level), or stimulated with 100 ng/ml LPS. Lane 1, unstimulated cells immunoprecipitated with an irrelevant antibody; Lanes 2–6 were immunoprecipitated with anti-lyn antibody. Lane 2, unstimulated cells (resting cell kinase level); lane 3, 0.083 min; Lane 4, 5 min; Lane 5, 10 min; Lane 6, 15 min; and Lane 7, 30 min after LPS stimulation. Lyn kinase autophosphorylation was measured in the in vitro kinase assay as described in Materials and Methods by incorporation of 32P. This autoradiogram is derived from a single representative experiment.

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