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Fig. 2

From: Expression of the Von Hippel-Lindau Tumor Suppressor Gene, VHL, in Human Fetal Kidney and During Mouse Embryogenesis

Fig. 2

VHL murine thoracic and abdominal organogenesis in toluidene blue O-stained brightfield photomicrographs and corresponding darkfield images (E = 16.5 days)

(A and B) Light and darkfield images of thorax development revealing expression in the lung (1), atrium (a), ventricle (v), and the liver (li) and vertebral body (vb) (A, B: ×30). (C–H) Higher magnification views of light and darkfield images of abdominal and pelvic organogenesis revealing low level VHL expression in the stomach (st), spleen (sp), and adrenal gland (ad), and high VHL expression in the kidney (k), liver (li), testis (t), and epididymis (ep). Panels E and F demonstrate pancreatic (p) expression localizable to developing epithelial structures. Panels G and H reveal moderate expression in the ovary (ov) and uterus (ut) (C, D: ×30; E, F: ×120; G, H: ×100).

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