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Fig. 1

From: Alzheimer Amyloid-β Peptide Forms Denaturant-Resistant Complex with Type ε3 but Not Type ε4 Isoform of Native Apolipoprotein E

Fig. 1

Quantitative immunoblotting for apoE content of conditioned media

Anti-apoE antibody was used to probe electroblotted conditioned medium proteins following SDS-PAGE in a 10% gel. Lanes 1–6, human plasma apoE standards of 10 ng (Lane 1), 20 ng (Lane 2), 50 ng (Lane 3), 100 ng (Lane 4), 200 ng (Lane 5), and 400 ng (Lane 6); Lane 7, conditioned medium from untransfected RAW264 cells; Lane 8, conditioned medium from apoE ε3-transfected RAW264 cells; Lane 9, conditioned medium from apoE ε4-transfected RAW264 cells.

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