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Fig. 1

From: Vascular Gene Transfer of the Human Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase: Characterization of Activity and Effects on Myointimal Hyperplasia

Fig. 1

Retroviral vectors

The human hepatocyte iNOS cDNA was inserted in the sense orientation into the MFG vector to yield DFGiNOS (a) utilizing the NcoI and BamHI cloning sites MFGlacZ (b) was previously constructed and does not include the Neo selectable marker. BaglacZ (c) is a retroviral vector carrying both lacZ and Neo. LTR, retroviral long terminal repeat; ψ viral packaging signal; ATG, translational start codon; iNOS, human hepatocyte iNOS cDNA; IRES, internal ribosome entry site which allows translation of a polycistronic mRNA; Neo, neomycin phosphotransferase cDNA; β-gal, β-galactosidase cDNA; SV40, simian virus 40 enhancer and promoter.

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