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Fig. 10

From: Eotaxin Triggers Eosmophil-Selective Chemotaxis and Calcium Flux via a Distinct Receptor and Induces Pulmonary Eosinophilia in the Presence of Interleukin 5 in Mice

Fig. 10

Photomicrograph of BAL cells and tissue sections after eotaxin treatment

IL-5 transgenic mice were exposed to intranasal normal saline (A) or 5.0 nmoles of eotaxin (B) and the BAL cells were cytocentrifuged and stained with Diff-Quick. Tissue sections from the lungs of IL-5 transgenic mice 4 hr after treatment with 5.0 nmoles of eotaxin (C) or normal saline (D). A section of the subcutaneous tissue of IL-5 transgenic mice 1 hr after subcutaneous injection of 10 pmoles of eotaxin is shown in Panel E. Photomicrographs were taken at 400× (A B and E) and 600× (C and D).

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