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Fig. 1

From: A Novel Protease Homolog Differentially Expressed in Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Fig. 1

Identification of protease M (1G3) of DD gel and on Northern blot

(A) DD gel: 21 PT and 21 MT-1 RNA was reverse transcribed with T12MG primer and PCR-amplified with T12MG and OPA1 primers in the presence of 35SdATP, run on a 6% acrylamide/urea sequencing gel, and exposed to X-ray film for 18 hr. The portion of the gel surrounding the differentially displayed 0.28-kb band is shown. (B) Northern blot: 10 µg of total cell RNA was Northern blotted and probed with 32P-labeled PCR-amplified 0.28-kb band from the DD gel shown in Panel A.

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