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Fig. 2

From: A Novel Protease Homolog Differentially Expressed in Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Fig. 2

Protease M cDNA

The cDNA sequence and putative protein coding sequence of the longest clone from the 76N library is shown. The postulated pre and pro N-terminal amino acids are underlined. The predicted cleavage sites of pre and pro amino acids after Ala16 and Lys21, respectively, are indicated by arrows. The potential N-linked glycosylation site at amino acids 134–136 and Asp191 at the bottom of the binding cleft are boxed. The residues of the catalytic triad (His62, Asp106, and Ser197) are circled. The actual polyadenylation signal at nucleotide 1490 and an alternative polyadenylation signal at nucleotide 1095 are underlined.

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