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Fig. 3

From: A Novel Protease Homolog Differentially Expressed in Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Fig. 3

Alignment of protease M with closely related members of the serine protease family

The GCG Pileup and Pretty plot programs were used to align protease M with closely related human serine proteases. These are (from top to bottom): glandular kallikrein-hk2 (accession no. SP|P06870|), PSA-hk3 (accession no. SP|P07288|), pancreatic kallikrein-hk-1 (accession no. SP|P2051l|), and trypsinogen 1 (accession no. SP|P07477|). Amino acids comprising the catalytic triad are marked with an asterisk. The 29 “invariant” amino acids (Dayhoff) are marked with a dot or an asterisk.

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