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Fig. 6

From: Molecular Cloning of the Human Leukotriene C4 Synthase Gene and Assignment to Chromosome 5q35

Fig. 6

PCR of the LTC 4 -specific 103-bp fragment from genomic DNA of human somatic cell hybrids cell lines

(Lane 1) 100 bp ladder (Gibco). (Lane 2) GM13139 containing human chromosome 1. (Lane 3) GM10826 containing human chromosome 2. (Lane 4) GM10253 containing human chromosome 3. (Lane 5) GM11441 containing human chromosomes 4 and 20. (Lane 6) GM10114 containing human chromosome 5. (Lane 7) Human genomic DNA. (Lane 8) Hamster genomic DNA. (Lane 9) Mouse genomic DNA. (Lane 10) No DNA template. Only the presence or absence of human chromosome 5 was concordant with the presence or absence of the LTC4-specific PCR product ( 100 bp; Lanes 6 and 7). Faint bands (200 bp) were present in hybridomas prepared from rodent somatic cells (Lanes 2, 4, and 8) but did not correspond to the anticipated product for LTC4 synthase.

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