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Fig. 1

From: Antigen-Dependent B Cell Differentiation in the Synovial Tissue of a Patient with Reactive Arthritis

Fig. 1

Amino acid sequences isolated from infiltrates A and B

Sequences are compared with the most homologous germ-line gene. Dashes show sequence identity, to increase homology between different V genes dots have been introduced. CDR and D, and J regions are indicated. (A) Deduced amino acid sequences of VH genes. (B) Deduced amino acid sequences of Vλ and Vκ genes. In the case of the sequence TS-66B 5.8 (Vλ5), the V region is compared with the rearranged Vλ sequences 488.9g.F1 (31), T1 (32), and YM1 (33).

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