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Fig. 2

From: Antigen-Dependent B Cell Differentiation in the Synovial Tissue of a Patient with Reactive Arthritis

Fig. 2

Diversification of the V-gene repertoire in the ST

(A) Clonally related sequences differing in their number of somatic mutations. Sequences are compared with their most homologous germ-line gene; only nucleotide differences are shown; CDR are indicated, codons are numbered according to Kabat et al. (34). Bold letters show somatic mutations common to clonal-related sequences. (B) Genealogical trees showing the step-wise accumulation of somatic mutations in the ST. Results are given for the sequences shown in Fig. 2A. Numbered circles indicate isolated sequences, empty circles, presumptive cells. Numbers beside the arrows refer to the number of nucleotide exchanges that distinguish one sequence from another.

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