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Table 3 Pearson correlation coefficients between markers in T0 tumors and growth of T1 tumors in nude mice

From: Expression of Molecular Biomarkers in Primary Breast Tumors Implanted into a Surrogate Host: Increased Levels of Cyclins Correlate with Tumor Progression

  Cyclin D3 Estrogen Receptor c-erbB-2 p53 Xenograft Growth
Cyclin D1 0.885a 0.822a 0.844a 0.583 0.989a
Cyclin D3   0.727 0.886a 0.783a 0.862a
Estrogen receptor    0.976a 0.438 0.752
c-erbB-2     0.689 0.796a
p53      0.596
  1. ap < 0.05
  2. bp < 0.001