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Fig. 2

From: Inhibitory Effect of Human Natural Yeast Killer Toxin-like Candidacidal Antibodies on Pneumocystis carinii

Fig. 2

Inhibitory effect of Pa KT on the infectivity of rat-derived P. carinii to nude rats

In this experiment, a control group consisted of animals inoculated with DMEM without parasites (1). Parasites were incubated for 90 min at 25°C in the following reagents before being inoculated in animals: DMEM, pH 7.2 (2); PaKT, pH 4.6 (active killer toxin) (3); PaKT, pH 7.2 (inactive killer toxin) (4); and PaKT neutralized for 90 min at 25°C by MAbKT4 (5). *p < 0.001, the parasite number compared with that of parasites preincubated in DMEM, pH 7.2.

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