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Fig. 2

From: TNF-α Opens a Paracellular Route for HIV-1 Invasion across the Blood-Brain Barrier

Fig. 2

TNF-a and RMP-7 increase the permeability of the endothelial-astrocyte bilayer

The BBB models were prepared with 40,000 brain endothelial cells and 40,000 astrocytes in DME-S on collagen I-fibronectin-coated inserts and cultured for 3.5 days at 37°C. The models were then treated for 4 hr with DME-S containing no addition, TNF-a (10 or 100 ng/ml), or RMP-7 (0.1, 1 or 10 ng/ml) simultaneously with the addition of 14C-inulin. The permeability coefficient was determined as described in Materials and Methods.

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