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Table 1 Subcloning of procollagen cDNA fragments

From: Altered Procollagen mRNA Expression during the Progression of Avian Scleroderma

cDNA Restriction Sites Used for Subcloning Length of Subcloned Fragment
α1(I) pCAL1 PstI-HpaII 250 bp
α2(I) pCAL3 BamHI-EcoRI 180 bp
α1(II) pCAR1 PstI-BamHI 310 bp
α1(III) pIN3 EcoRI-BamHI 190 bp
α1(VI) PstI-BamHI 410 bp
α2(VI) 4aU EcoRI-PstI 270 bp
α3(VI) SacI-HindIII 370 bp
GAPDH pGAD28 HindIII-PstI 150 bp
  1. For in vitro transcription, cDNA fragments were subcloned into the bacterial plasmid vector pGEM4Z by using the above listed restriction enzymes.