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Fig. 2

From: Constitutive Modulation of Raf-1 Protein Kinase is Associated with Differential Gene Expression of Several Known and Unknown Genes

Fig. 2

Identification of differentially expressed mRNAs in PCI-06A-Raf(AS) versus those in PCI-06A-Raf(K) transfectants

The differentially expressed fragments are indicated by arrows, and they were generated in the PCR reactions using different combinations of an anchor primer and an arbitrary primer as described in Table 1. The PCR-amplified α-[35S]dATP-labeled products were electrophoresed in 6% Polyacrylamide gels, followed by autoradiography as described in Materials and Methods. AS, PCI-06A-Raf(AS); K, PCI-06A-Raf(K).

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