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Fig. 5

From: Constitutive Modulation of Raf-1 Protein Kinase is Associated with Differential Gene Expression of Several Known and Unknown Genes

Fig. 5

Northern blot hybridization analysis of KAS-110 and KAS-111 genes

(A) KAS-110 and KAS-111 expression in PCI-06A-Raf(AS) and PCI-06A-Raf(K) transfectants. Blots were sequentially probed with KAS-110 or KAS-111 cDNA probe, followed by the GAPDH cDNA probe. (B) Comparison of the expression of KAS-110 (top panels) and KAS-111 genes (middle panels) in human normal tissues (Clontech MTN blots I and II) and human cancer cell lines (Clontech). Blots were sequentially probed with radiolabeled KAS-110, KAS-111, and β-actin (bottom panels) cDNA probes. HL-60, promyelocytic leukemia; K-562, chronic myelogenous leukemia; MOLT-4, lymphoblastic leukemia; BL-Raji, Burkitt’s lymphoma; SW480, colorectal adenocarcinoma; A549, lung carcinoma; G361, melanoma.

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