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Fig. 4

From: Molecular Characterization of a Mouse Genomic Element Mobilized by Advanced Glycation Endproduct Modified-DNA (AGE-DNA)

Fig. 4

Sequence of the genomic copy of the murine INS element derived from the λ-1 genomic DNA clone

The regions of INS homologous to B-l repeats are underlined, the region homologous to microsatellite DNA is italicized, the region homologous to human Sau3A repeat is in bold and italicized, and the region homologous to the MT-repeat of c-abl oncogene is in bold. CORE is underlined by the double line, and the 13-bp element homologous to mouse minisatellite DNA is indicated by lower case letters. The region homologous to INS-2 is located between nucleotides 1291 and 2521. Primers #1 and #2 are at positions 2132–2151 and 2394–2411, respectively.

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