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Table 1 Internalization of PA-c-Myc fusion protein mediated by cell surface anti-c-Myc antibodies on 9E10 hybridoma cells

From: Internalization of a Bacillus anthracis Protective Antigen-c-Myc Fusion Protein Mediated by Cell Surface Anti-c-Myc Antibodies

    EC 50 in ng/mL a  
Toxin With Competitor With c-Myc Peptide b With PA SNKEΔFF c With c-Myc Peptide b and PA SNKEΔFF c
PA-c-Myc 50 10 100 >1000
PA 30 10 >1000 >1000
  1. aEC50 is the concentration of toxin required to kill half of the cells compared with untreated controls. EC50 values are interpolated from Fig. 4A and B. bc-Myc peptide was used at 5.5 µg/ml. cPA SNKEΔFF was used at 20 µg/ml.