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Fig. 1

From: Transgenic Mice Bearing a Human Mutant Thyroid Hormone βl Receptor Manifest Thyroid Function Anomalies, Weight Reduction, and Hyperactivity

Fig. 1

Mutant to endogenous TR β l mRNA ratios

(A) Comparison of selected tissues from Fl Families A and G on the same gel, utilizing identical RT-PCR conditions to verify low and high expression, respectively. (B) A representative gel from a high-expressing mouse from Fl Family D. The relative amounts of endogenous TRβl mRNA among tissues agree with the findings of Oppenheimer et al. (34). After Pst 1 digestion of the PCR product, the 378 bp represents the uncut fragment of amplified mouse endogenous TRβl, and 244 bp and 134 bp derive from the cut human fragment of TRβl. WAT, white adipose tissue; BAT, brown adipose tissue.

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