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Table 1 Effective concentrations of phospholipase C and endocytosis inhibitors, and lysomotrophic amines in suppressing type II NOS production by human and mouse cells

From: Human- and Mouse-Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Promoters Require Activation of Phosphatidylcholine-Specific Phospholipase C and NF-κB

  Cells Tested
Inhibitor A549 RAW 264.7
Phospholipase C inhibitors ED50a
D609 18 µg/ml 25 µg/ml
U73122 8 µM 6 µM
Neomycin sulfate 14 mM 13 mM
NCDC 64 µM 108 µM
Endocytosis and lysomotrophic amines   
Rotenone 0.2 µM 50 µM
Oligomycin 0.5 µg/ml 0.5 µg/ml
Antimycin 0.1 µM 130 µM
Monensin 10 µM 38 µM
Ammonium chloride 17 µM 50 µM
Colchicine 100 µM 200 µM
  1. *ED50 is the concentration determined to suppress type II NOS production by 50% of that produced in untreated cultures identically stimulated.