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Fig. 2

From: Low Copy Number and Limited Variability of Proviral DNA in Alveolar Macrophages from HIV-1-Infected Patients: Evidence for Genetic Differences in HIV-1 between Lung and Blood Macrophage Populations

Fig. 2

Amino acid sequence alignments of HIV-1 sequences derived from peripheral blood monocytes and alveolar macrophages

Each sequence represents that obtained from one M13 clone and is aligned with their own consensus sequence. Patients are C, E, F, G, and J. Sequences from monocytes are labeled M and sequences from alveolar macrophages are labeled A. The hyper-variable regions (V3, V4, V5) are underlined. Dots indicate sequence identity; dashes indicate deletions; and an asterisk indicates a stop codon. The four cysteines that are involved in the formation of the V3 and V4 loops are indicated by triangles. Potential N-glycosylation sites are indicated by open circles.

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