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Fig. 5

From: Low Copy Number and Limited Variability of Proviral DNA in Alveolar Macrophages from HIV-1-Infected Patients: Evidence for Genetic Differences in HIV-1 between Lung and Blood Macrophage Populations

Fig. 5

DNA heteroduplex mobility gel-shift analysis of V3–V5 sequences from monocytes (PBM) and alveolar macrophages (AM) within the same patient

Heteroduplexes were formed by mixing PCR amplicon from HIV-1 infected PBM, AM, or HXB-2 clone with 32P-labeled PCR amplicon from one representative clone of the same patient. Patients shown are C, E, F, G, and J. The source of DNA hybridizes with the patient’s clone is noted above the lane. ssDNA was the denatured patient clone that was not allowed to reanneal and dsDNA was not denatured.

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