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Fig. 1

From: Compounds That Target Novel Cellular Components Involved in HIV-1 Transcription

Fig. 1

TNF α -induced HIV-1 activation in OM-10.1 cultures in the presence of benzothiophene derivatives

(a) Compounds PD 121871 (■) and PD 144795 (□) were added at the indicated concentrations and HIV-1 activation in OM-10.1 cultures was measured by supernatant RT activity after 48 hr of TNFα treatment. The dimethyl sulfoxide solvent (♦) was added relative to the final concentration in drug treated cultures (0.05% at 10 µM). (b) Cellular toxicity of the benzothiophene derivatives over the same concentration range as determined by an inhibition of [3H]-thymidine uptake. Data are representative of more than five separate experiments.

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