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Fig. 3

From: Compounds That Target Novel Cellular Components Involved in HIV-1 Transcription

Fig. 3

Effect of benzothiophene compounds on the return to HIV-1 latency in TNF α -stimulated OM-10.1 cultures

OM-10.1 cultures were first treated for 24 hr with TNFα to allow for maximum viral activation and then (a) the exogenous TNFα was washed out and the cells were placed into medium (♦) or in medium containing either PD 121871 (■, 5 µM) or PD 144795 (□, 10 µM), and (b) the cells were maintained in medium containing TNFα (♦) or in medium containing TNFα and either PD 121871 (■, 5 µM) or PD 144795 (□, 10 µM). The cultures were monitored for a return to viral latency by the reappearance of surface CD4, an inverse indicator of HIV-1 expression in OM-10.1 cultures, over a 4-day period. Data are indicative of more than three separate experiments.

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