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Fig. 5

From: Compounds That Target Novel Cellular Components Involved in HIV-1 Transcription

Fig. 5

Transient transfection assay for Tat function in the presence of benzothiophene compounds

A3.01 T lymphocytes were transfected with either the LTR-CAT reporter plasmid alone (No Tat) or cotransfected with the LTR-CAT plasmic and a Tat expressing plasmid (LTR-CAT + pSV tat). Cells were treated with a Tat antagonist (Ro 5-3335, 10 µM), the benzothiophene compounds (PD 121871, 5 µM; PD 144795, 10 µM), or dimethyl sulfoxide (0.05%) prior to and during the 48-hr culture after transfection. CAT enzyme levels in protein-adjusted cell lysates were determined and converted to a percentage of medium control (values in excess of the medium control were set to 100%). Data represent similar results from more than 10 separate experiments with the benzothiophene derivatives and three separate experiments with Ro 5-3335.

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