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Table 2 In vitro response of patient’s BAL T lymphocytes to specific or unrelated allergens

From: Local Expansion of Allergen-Specific CD30+Th2-Type γδ T Cells in Bronchial Asthma

  BAL γδ T Cells BAL Total T Cells
Specific allergen (Der pI 1 µg/ml) 5300 ± 520a 6950 ± 850
Unrelated allergen (Lol pI 1 µg/ml) 350 ± 20 450 ± 50
  1. aResults are expressed as net cpm [3H]-TdR incorporation and reflect absolute cpm [3H]-TdR uptake minus background cpm (cpm incorporated in the absence of allergen). Results are representative of all experiments performed in triplicate on enriched γδ T cells and total T cells from three Der pI-sensitive patients.