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Fig. 3

From: Myocardial Postischemic Injury Is Reduced by PolyADPribose Polymerase-1 Gene Disruption

Fig. 3

Recovery of energy metabolites and contractile function in WT and PARP-1−/− hearts.

Hearts were subjected to 30 min of global ischemia, followed by reperfusion. Time courses of changes in NAD+ and ATP levels are shown in the upper left and right panels, respectively, for WT vs. PARP-1−/−(p < 0.01). Percent recovery of preischemic values of rate pressure product (RPP), the product of left ventricular developed pressure and heart rate, which serves as a measure of cardiac work, is shown in the lower left panel. Recovery of coronary flow (CF) is shown in the lower right panel. Values shown are mean ± standard error from 7 and 10 hearts, respectively (*, p < 0.05) for WT vs. PARP-1−/−). PARP-1−/−, polyADPribose polymerase-1 knockout; PI, prior to ischemia; WT, wild type.

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