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Fig. 1

From: Induction of Neonatal Tolerance to Oxidized Lipoprotein Reduces Atherosclerosis In ApoE Knockout Mice

Fig. 1

Tolerization reduces the development of atherosclerosis.

Control and tolerized apoE knockout (KO) mice were fed a Western diet for 4 months. Aortic root cryosections were either stained for lipids with oil red O (A,C: magnification × 5; B,D. magnification × 20) or immunostained with anti-I-A antibodies (E,F: magnification × 20). Fraction area of lesion (lesion surface/vessel surface) was measured on cryosections from the aortic root (G). Means ± SEM, *significantly different from control group, p < 0.01.

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