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Fig. 1

From: Transfer Factors: Identification of Conserved Sequences in Transfer Factor Molecules

Fig. 1

Does the peptide LLYAQDLEDN have transfer factor activity?

Groups of mice were given either ferritin-specific or ovalbumin-specific murine transfer factors (TF) or LLYAQDLEDN. Footpad testing with ferritin and ovalbumin was done 24 hr later and the responses were read after 18 hr. Untreated control mice developed footpad swelling responses to Hanks Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) of 2−4 × 102 mm. In contrast, the transfer factor recipients developed large responses to the corresponding antigen. Ferritin transfer factor recipients had responses of 18.50 ± 1.75 × 102 mm to ferritin and OVA transfer factor recipients had responses of 20.50 ± 2.50 × 102 mm responses to ovalbumin. In both groups the responses were significantly (p < 0.001) greater than the controls. There were no footpad swelling responses to OVA or ferritin by recipients of LLYAQDLEDN.

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