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Table 2 Chemical structures and properties of prescribed antimalarial drugs

From: The Impact of Whole Genome Sequence Data on Drug Discovery—A Malaria Case Study

Name Resistance [32] Toxicity [32] Compound
quinine Yes delayed ‘glaucoma’
chloroquine Yes heart liver
hydroxychloroquine Yes retina macula
primaquine Yes anemia
amodiaquine like chloroquine agranulocytosis with long term treatment
mefloquine Yes cardiotoxicity, vivid dreams, psychosis
proguanil Yes DHFR ulcers, alopecia
atovaquone (with proguanil) Yes selective cytochrome b minor
pyrimethamine (with sulfadoxine or sulfonylbisbenzenamine) Yes DHFR severe skin disease
sulfadoxine (with pyrimethamine) Yes severe skin disease
sulfonylbisbenzenamine (with pyrimethamine)   anemia, allergy, fever
doxycycline (with quinine)   sun sensitivity
Artemisinin   CNS toxicity
halofantrine   cardiotoxicity
Pyronaridine   teratogen