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Table 1 Summary of characteristics of the tumor B-Cell lines involved in this study

From: Synthetic Phosphoantigens Enhance Human Vγ9Vδ2 T Lymphocytes Killing of Non-Hodgkin’s B Lymphoma

Maturation Stage Cell Lines Main Cytogenetic Abnormalities EBV Status Description Reference
pre-GC REC1 t(11;14) Mantle cell NHL (87)
  OCI-Ly8 t(14;18) DLC (CB/LB) NHL (88)
  DEAU   DLC (CB) NHL (89)
  VAL t(8;14;18) & t(3;4) DLC (CB) NHL (90)
  LIB   DLC (IB) NHL *
  HLY-1 t(3;5) (IB) NHL (91)
GC RL t(14;18) DLC NHL (92)
/ MIEUL   Burkitt’s like NHL *
post-GC DAUDI t(8;14) + Burkitt’s NHL ATCC#CCL-213
  RAJI t(8;14) + Burkitt’s NHL ATCC#CCL-86
      Gift from G.
  BL9   + Burkitt’s NHL Lenoir, UCB, Lyon, France
  DG75 t(8;14) Burkitt’s NHL (93)
  PASC t(8;14) Burkitt’s NHL *
  L-428   Hodgkin’s disease derived B cell, IgS (94)
post-GC NCI-H 929   Plasmocytoma, IgA-producing ATCC#CRL-9068
  RPMI 8226   Plasmocytoma, λ light chain-secreting ATCC#CCL-155
(non-B) K562   Chronic myelogenous leukemia ATCC#CCL-243
(non-B) JURKAT   T-lymphoblastic lymphoma/leukemia ATCC#CRL-8163
  1. *Cell lines established in our laboratory.
  2. DLC, diffuse large cell; CB, centroblastic; LB, lymphoblastic; IB, immunoblastic.